Colored Leathers, -Should You Be So Bold?


 Everybody needs a little leather in their life. Especially when it comes to your décor. Leather furnishings are almost magical because they look good in every style home. You’ll find breathtaking pieces that are timelessly classic and those that are edgy and modern. Leather wears like iron and will look as wonderful decades later as it did the day you bought it. Furniture makers these days are doing phenomenal things with color when it comes to leather furniture. These wonderful pieces rejuvenate classic silhouettes with hip colors like turquoise, buttery yellow and green. A fun marriage of classic and contemporary, these brilliant pieces make a great addition to a traditional room you want to be more fun and exciting.

Once again, our friends at Houzz, have designed another AMAZING Idea-Book with lots of great inspiring ideas for decorating your home with colored leather furniture.

Throw away your visions of chocolate brown leather. It can fill your room with a heavy feeling and make it seem hotter. The same goes for black leather, no matter now modern it may look. There is a world of colored leather that fits in perfectly with any lifestyle. Look for buttery caramels, pale yellows, tans, and beige. Use a pop of tropical bright colors on an accent piece. If you’ve ever dreamed of having a bright red couch, -Go For It!
Here are just a few leather colors available from Leather Express to show how many possibilities you have when it comes to designing your new leather furnishings!
View More Leather Colors Available from Leather Express:


What Is Your Favorite Color?  Would you incorporate that colour into your sofa, sectional, recliners, or ottoman? Tell us below what color(s) you'd choose, you can even share photos of leather furniture you have in your home! Show Off Those Amazing Colors!


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