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 Leather Express is proud to present the fabulous Fjords® of Norway! 

To sit on a piece of Fjords® furniture is a very special experience. 

What characterizes the function furniture from Fjords® is that they provide absolutley incredible sitting comfort. Sit down on one of our pieces of function furniture and you will understand what we mean. Since every seat can be individually adjusted, you will quickly find the most comfortable position, no matter if you are going to watch TV, listen to music, read a book or just simply relax.

You can choose from six different bases and two sizes (small and large) for the chairs in the Fjords® function collection. Naturally, a matching footrest and other accessories are also available.


Fjords is a complete collection designed for flexible utilization of small as well as large spaces. You can combine chairs and sofas according to your wishes and complement your furniture with accessories of your choice in order to optimize the seating experience. Top quality and very successful functional design gives you the opportunity to complete your furnishing in one consistent style. We supply up to six different bases for our reclining chairs since we know people have different wishes and demands when it comes to their furnishings. Utilize our Adventure series to create the perfect sectional or corner grouping!

Comfort functionality for high and low sofas.

In order to satisfy the need for comfort and enjoyment, we offer the possibility to individually adjust each seat regardless of whether you choose the high or low back version of your sofa.

For more than 67 years Fjords® has designed and manufactured furniture. The two brothers Otto and Mindor Hjellegjerde started the whole thing in the fjordside district of Sykkylven and this is where their head office is still found.

In 1946 the third brother, Ingvald, joined the business. Thanks to their burning commitment and great skills, the brothers managed to build a business which has become one of Norway's largest furniture groups. They have gone from being a small family business located in modest cellar premises, to what they are today, a listed company with a market share in three continents. In addition to their furniture production in Sykkylven they have built factories in Lithuania and Thailand and have their own laminate factory in Stordal, Norway.

Through all these years they have produced comfortable quality furniture based on good workmanship and Norwegian design. We feel proud that the furniture from Hjellegjerde®is created with as much commitment and skill as in 1941.


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