The year was 1944. Abram Albert DeFehr, a Russian born immigrant to Canada, began making simple wooden pieces in the basement of his Winnipeg home. Within a few years, the fledgling business had moved from the basement into a former chicken barn - Palliser's first furniture factory.


Today, Palliser is one of North America's leading home furniture manufacturers, providing a livelihood for over 4000 people, funding a philanthropic foundation that shares profits with communities around the world, and continuing to build value with values. Palliser's mission is to be a community of people dedicated to leadership in design, service, and customer value in the furniture industry.

palliser furniture made in north america

Palliser Furniture is one of North America's leading upholstery manufacturers with facilities in Winnipeg, Canada and Saltillo, Mexico. The centrally and strategically placed factories allow Palliser to meet the growing demand for quality North American furniture. In Palliser Furniture’s manufacturing plants, engineers and assemblers skillfully produce the astounding variety of upholstered products that are offered by retail stores, and are selected for your home.  Shipping by land across the continent, they ensure prompt, cost efficient service and deivery, while minimizing the environmental impacts of shipping imports from overseas.

palliser tagline - my home my style my wayAt the Palliser Furniture drawing board, the team of design professionals from Canada and the United States is passionate about the subtleties of style. The experience and insight of these individuals create a distinctive North American look with a European flair - a hallmark of Palliser leather furniture.  Many Palliser collections have finishes and options that you can customize to suit your style, including cupholders, feet, and nailheads.

Palliser's innovative engineering helps support the ultimate Home Theater movie viewing experience with optional wireless base shaker that pumps realistic sound effects to an amplifier and receiving unit in your chair.  Cool features like sliding cup holders, LED lighting, and in-arm storage turn your leather recliner into Command Central.

palliser - sliding armrest        palliser led lights        palliser in-arm storage


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There are more than 85 luxurious leathers are available in every color under the sun, including coordinated accent patterns. Making your customized lifestyle choice is easy – we’ve organized them all by color and price.  View all Palliser leather swatches.

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Warranty is non-transferable and takes effect as of January 1, 2006 The following two (2) year warranty applies to all upholstered sofas, loveseats, chairs, ottomans, sectionals and sofabeds manufactured by Palliser®. Palliser products are warranted to the original retail consumer, to be free from manufacturing and parts defects. The warranty takes effect from the date of delivery to the original retail consumer.

Within two (2) years from the date of delivery, Palliser will pay, at no charge to the original retail consumer, reasonable transportation costs and customary labor rates to repair or replace the defective parts. Under this warranty, the sole liability of Palliser is limited to repair, or at its option, parts replacement.

After two (2) years, the original retail consumer will be responsible for all costs. The term defect as it is used in this warranty is defined as a flaw or deficiency that affects the intended use for which the product was manufactured.

This warranty provides coverage to the original retail consumer only where the purchase has been made from an authorized retailer of Palliser Furniture Ltd.

The special Palliser identity tags found on your product are your guarantee of the quality and authenticity of your Palliser product. Removal or attempted removal of such tags will void this warranty.

This warranty does not cover the following: Rental, business, commercial, institutional or other non-residential uses. Products purchased AS IS or second-hand. Products purchased from distressed or liquidation sales. Products deemed misused, mishandled, altered, and abused. Any condition resulting from unusual usage. inadequate maintenance, cleaning or care.


Palliser must receive all claims within two (2) years from date of delivery. To make a warranty claim or to inquire about concerns with your Palliser product, please contact the authorized Palliser retailer from where the original purchase was made. When making a claim under this warranty, proof of purchase with the original bill of sale and the product serial number are required. Palliser reserves the right to request photo verification and/or the return of defective parts to its factory.


Cover Material This warranty does not cover any damages due to improper use, excessive soiling, improper or unapproved cleaning methods, chemical treatments or exposure to direct sunlight. These instances will void the warranty.

Leather and Vinyl: The warranty covers against seam slippage, tearing, splitting, cracking and dye transfers from the product. Leather is a natural material and, as such, each hide reflects its own characteristics. On average, four to five hides are used on most Palliser sofas. Shading variations, nicks, scratches and wrinkles are a characteristic of leather and are not considered defects.

Fabric and Microfiber: This warranty covers against seam slippage, fraying or dye transfers from the product. This warranty does not cover tearing, pilling, or shrinking. Flattening of nap on velvet or high pile chenille and microfiber are inherent characteristics of soft plush fabric, and are in no way considered manufacturer's defects.

Frames and Springs: Frames are warranted against breakage. Springs are covered for breakage due to metal fatigue or pulling loose from wood frames. Reclining Mechanisms, Sofabed Mechanisms and Sofabed Mattresses Reclining mechanisms, sofabed mechanisms and sofabed mattresses are warranted against material and manufacturing defects.

Seat Cushion Foam and Fiber-filled Components: Seat cushions are warranted against collapsing. All cushions will soften with use and will conform to the shape of the user. This softening is considered normal wear and is in no way considered a manufacturer's defect. Fiber-filled seat cushion tops, backs and arms will flatten with prolonged use. This is inherent to the design of fiber-filled and fiber-wrapped products. Regular fluffing will prevent internal fibers from matting and help to prolong the vibrancy of these products. Electronic Components Electronics are warranted for material and manufacturing defects.

Please consult the warranty link here to learn more.


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