Furniture Guide

Furniture Construction

Whether you’re updating your living room, home theater, or den, you need furniture that fits your style and is comfortable for your family and friends to relax in. What type of support do you want in your furniture? Read our overview of the different types of support systems to help you decide.

8-Way Suspensions

If you prefer sinking into the softness of the cushion, you should explore styles that are supported by 8-way suspensions. This type of support is achieved when single coil springs are attached to the webbing with link and then hand tied to each other to create superior elasticity in the seat. This gives the entire cushion a durable but very soft feeling with little support from the frame.

Sinuous Springs

Sinuous Spring support is made up of S-shaped wires that are also known as “S coils” or “zig-zag springs.” Springs are fastened with clips and no-sag nails to be staggered every few inches from front to back or top to bottom under the seat cushion and behind the seat-backs. This tightly held formation provides a slightly firmer support for your sofa, chair, or ottoman.

Sofa Buying Guide

Do all sofas look the same to you? Are you lost when trying to spot the differences? Well, welcome to Sofa 101. The style of a sofa is generally determined by three things: the arms, the back, and the legs or skirt. Certain arms and backs are associated with modern or traditional styles, and the way a sofa is upholstered and trimmed can also place it into a specific style category.

Traditional Sofas

Traditional sofas are classic and timeless in beauty, with rolled arms, elegant backs, and understated details.

  • Arms: Smaller-scalle, rolled arms, nailhead trim.
  • Back: Traditional sofa backs often incorporate details like tufting.
  • Legs: Feet tend to be exposed wood with ornate details or carving.
Modern / Contemporary Sofas

Contemporary sofas are modern and trendy with clean lines and shapes, accented by simple detials like tufting and welting.

  • Arms: Arms tend to be straight in modern and contemporary style sofas.
  • Back: Both high and low backs can be found on medern sofas.
  • Legs: Feet tend to be sleek and straight, clean lines in wood or metal.
Transitional Sofas

Transitional sofas are simple yet sophisticated and utilize straight lines or rounded edges.

  • Arms: Rolled, pillow top arms.
  • Back: Loose pillow backs can be found on transitional sofas.
  • Legs: Legs are often covered by a skirt on traditional sofas.