Leather Care

Basic Leather Care

No matter what type of leather you have in your home, it’s recommended that you clean it by frequently vacuuming it and wiping it down with dry towels. This will help minimize dust and debris buildup.

Know Your Leather

Before you try cleaning or removing any stains from your leather furniture, you’ve got to know what type(s) of leather you own. Only use cleaners and conditioners that have your specific leather type on the label as a product recommended for. Leather comes in four main types – protected, aniline, nubuck or suede. Know the characteristics of the category that’s in your home and the best recommended cleaning procedures associated with each.

Scratches from Pets

If you have pets, a common issue is the buildup of small scratches on the leather over time. These scratches can typically be removed by carefully using a microfiber cloth and buffing the scratches out.

Keep out of Direct Sunlight

The sun is a natural bleaching agent, which can dry out the leather hide, causing it to crack or ash prematurely. It can also fade the color of the leather. Avoid prolonged exposure to light and direct heat sources including windows, skylights, powerful lamps, radiators, and heating vents.

Household Cleaning Products

Do not use Armor All®, saddle soaps, or other ammonia based solutions like Windex® on your leather couch.