Frankfurt Sectional Sofa


This large leather sectional with its smart features is the latest original creation of Nordholtz.

If you have space on premium or you are inclined to buy a compact sectional sofa, you need not compromise with the luxurious design and features because here is our Frankfurt Sectional Sofa for you. This sofa embarks on its plush European design and sturdy frame supporting its unique functionalities. It has adjustable back cushions & comfortable seat cushions to support your neck when you enjoy a deep nap or simply read your favorite book. Quality materials make sure you will enjoy your sofa for a long period of time, and your friends will admire your sense of style and your great taste in furniture. Your evenings will be more happening with this sofa that can accommodate your large gatherings more snugly as compared to the normal sectional sofa. We know you won’t resist it!