Muldal Recliner

The Fjords Muldal Recliner and ottoman is ergonomically designed to provide continuous support and comfort, prevent your legs and back from getting tired, relax your body, and enable your blood to circulate more freely. Fjords Muldal is distinguished by a plush back. This cushion is specifically shaped to improve the comfort properties of the seat and back. Coordinating sofa and loveseat are available with either a high back or a low back design. The Fjords 215 Muldal Recliner and Ottoman provide a supportive and comfortable experience. This ergonomic Norwegian design separates the footrest from the recliner to increase adjustability. This design allows the user to position the footrest in a way that supports the legs properly and increases back support. The chair reclines effortlessly by gently pushing your body weight backwards. A tension knob allows you to adjust the tension of the recline. The headrest adjusts manually by pulling the top of the chair forward or backward. High quality leather enhances the comfort of the chair and creates a beautiful, long-lasting recliner. Choose from a variety of leathers. Expedited Delivery leathers are delivered in 2-3 weeks. Please allow 12-14 weeks on special order colors. Free Shipping on all Fjords furniture.

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