A coloring effect created by blending two similar dyes to create a mottled or marbled appearance.
Aniline leather to which a matching pigment layer is added to even out the color and add protection.
Individual Item from a Manufacturer’s Collection
Split Leather
Leather made from the lower (inner or flesh side) layers of a hide that have been split away from the upper, or grain, layers. Split leather is more fragile than side leather or full-grain leather, and is typically used in the form of suede.
Spec Sheet
Refers to the dimension pages that accompany a Collection, shows each piece’s dimensions
The process of converting a raw hide into a stable, non-perishable state.
Top Coat
Synthetic transparent resins applied as a protective coating producing either a high gloss or a matte finish.
Top Grain
Refers to the quality of the Leather. Leather Express only sells Top Grain Leathers. Leather whose top (outermost) layers have been left intact, in contrast to split leather.
An effect created by applying layers of similar or contrasting dyes to a piece of leather in order to create a mottled or aged appearance. Antiqued and Sauvaged leathers are examples of two-tone leathers.
A product similar to PU. It is normally lower in cost than PU so is used for “match” applications where strength is not an issue.
A term which describes the heaviness or thickness of leather. Typically given in ounces per square foot or millimeters (thickness).